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Advertise with Wild Ride Corporate or private

Wild Ride now has a mobile advertising service this is only available through Wild Ride & Media Tree you will not get this exposure any other way.

Our Chopper 4,s are fitted with a huge 1400 high by 1000 wide A frame which the chopper 4,s tow around this gives you 4x3 & 350mm storage space under the A frame for your promotional products to be stored.

Wild Ride is an accredited touring company this means you can have 3 promotional staff on the back of the Chopper 4,s as well to promote your product, as there are only 5 Chopper 4,s in NSW that the riders are accredited to do tours these trikes are unique to Wild Ride & when people see them they stop and stare & also come over for a look when we stop.
Here are some benefits of promoting with Wild Ride.

  • You will get results with 1 vehicle ( more available if required).
  • Storage space for your products you are promoting.
  • The option of 3 promotional staff on the chopper 4.
  • People passing by stop, stare & take photos of the chopper 4 also come sit on the trikes for photos.
  • Many many  more benefits.
Corporate if you are booking a tour with Wild Ride why not think about putting your advertisement in our A frame if you are getting 10 bikes or more you are drawing great attention any where you go so why not let people know who you are.
 For this corporate add on contact Wild Ride 1300 783 338

Contacts for advertising
Wild Ride 1300 783 338
Media Tree (02) 9698 7488

Posted on 27 Dec 2010 by Sylvio
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